Two Cat Head Rice Hot Cold Packs Hand Warmers Black and White Zebra Print

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Two cute handmade Cat Head rice packs or handwarmers that can be used as a heat pack or cold pack and is designed to fit in an adult hand or pocket but would also be great for those ouchies and boo boos that children have.

This cat is made from a black and white zebra print cotton fabric with a wool felt muzzle. These are limited edition with only 5 of each colour being made.

Made from cotton fabric and filled with rice these cute Cat Heads are approximately 3 inches or 8 cm x 2.5 inches or 6 cm and weigh around 35 gm.

*****Please note these do contain rice so please make sure that you can import these into your country before purchase*****

These a very light and only take about 30 seconds to heat in the microwave, or store in a plastic bag in the freezer to use as a cold pack.

These are great for those with wheat allergies as they contain no wheat.

Please note colors can vary from monitor to monitor.