Neck Shoulder Microwave Heat Pack Cold Pack - Flat Cat Rice Heat Cold Pack Microwavable - Blue White Red Hearts Flanelette Cat Must Have Been The Cat

Flat Cat Rice Hot Cold Pack Neck & Shoulders Wrap Blue White Red Hearts Flanelette

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A cute handmade Flat Cat rice pack that can be used as a heat pack or cold pack and is designed to drape around the neck but would also be great to lay across the forehead or over a shoulder or foot.

This cat is made from a blue and white cotton flanellete fabric with red hearts and 100% wool felt facial features. The pattern placement might vary slightly.

Made from cotton fabric and filled with rice these cute Flat Cats are approximately 20 inches or 51 cm x 3 inches or 8 cm and weigh around 350 gm filled.

For those outside Australia please check that you are able to import items containing rice into your country before purchase

These a very light and only take about 30 seconds to heat in the microwave, or store in a plastic bag in the freezer to use as a cold pack.

These are great for those with wheat allergies as they contain no wheat.

Please note colors can vary from monitor to monitor.