Cat Print Cell Phone Cover, Cell Phone Bag, Padded Smartphone Sleeve, Option 4

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A cute cell phone pouch for the cat lover, This padded smartphone sleeve is made with a beautiful cat print cotton fabric and has metal loop to attach keys or clip it to your belt.

This option has a black, grey and white tabby cat and a ginger and white tabby cat in the garden on the front and a glimpse of a ginger tabby cat on the back.

This cat print cell phone cover is the ideal gift for cat lovers and could also be used for holding other things like chap sticks , usb or lipsticks etc.

It measures approximately 14cm (5.5 inches) x 8cm (3.35 inches) not including the loop

These lovely little bags are one of a kind (OOAK) so you can be confident that no-one else will have one the same.


***Please note the phone is not included***