Amazing Cat Shaped Structures & Buildings

Who doesn't love cats? Surely there can't be anyone who doesn't love these soft and curious creatures.

Whilst browsing Pinterest, as you do, and getting lost for hours in it's pages I have come across some amazing buildings and structures built to honour cats by people who are crazy cat lovers just like you and me.

Join me while we visit some of these amazing creations.

One amazing place is the incredible Cat Island at a place called Tashirojima in Japan. Here cats are honored and respected and out number the people living there. The island was originally a place where silkworms were farmed but soon mice were a problem so cats were brought in to protect the silkworms and the health of the people. The fishermen realised that the cats actions could predict the weather and by watching them they could tell when the weather would be good for fishing.

Many of the buildings on the island are shaped like cats.

You can even stay in cabins shaped like cats.

Another amazing cat structure is this Cat Train Tunnel. No idea where it is but would love to know. If you know please let me know.

The perfect swimming pool for the cat lover can be found at  the Fontainebleau Hotel, Miami.

The Heisei Animal Hospital in Japan is shaped like a cat too.

Kishi Station in Kinokawa Japan was remodelled in 2007 to look like a cat. It is reputed to be in memory of the station master's cat.

And how about this amazing black cat building in Tokyo. It seems Japan has the cat buildings covered.


How cool would it be to go to a kindergarten shaped like a cat! The children in Karlsruhe, Germany have that opportunity at Kindergarten Wolfartsweier. The children enter through the cat's mouth. The eyes are windows and the tail is a slide. How cool is that!

In Karlsruhe, Germany, a special cat shaped building was built for people to take their cats to, to be looked after.

All these cat shaped buildings go to show just how much cats mean to us.


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TashiroJima island cats


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