10 fun toys to make for cats from cardboard boxes

There are lots of easy to make toys for cats and these can often be made from things you have around the house.

Cats love getting into boxes. I bet you have come home with a box and before you can unpack it properly your cat has jumped into it.

Let's look at some of the things you can make out of boxes for cats.

  1. Make a Cat Cave

Repurposed Kit-T-Shirts: Cat Cave and Fun Toys

Sarah from Sadieseasongoods shows us how to make a Cat Cave from a box in 5 easy steps. Or watch the video by Tipsy Elves:


2. Make a cardboard Cat Scratcher

Unfortunately no instructions for this one but it looks quite simple. I would say you would use the sides of boxes cut into rectangles. Cut a centre rectangle out and then glue them together.

3. DIY Peek-A-Boo Box

This is simple to make and you put a toy or treat inside for the cat to maneuver. This should keep your cat amused for quite a while! Find the full instructions at meeow.com

4. DIY Cat Scratch Box

Unfortunately no instructions for this one but it's easy enough to work out. Find a suitable box and then from other boxes cut pieces of cardboard to stack into the box.

5. DIY Cardboard Cat Chaise

Be the talk of your cat loving friends with this amazing Cat Chaise. Find the full pattern and instructions at  evilmadscientist.

6. DIY Cat Hammock

Create a stylish cat hammock from a box and some fleece fabric. Great for sleeping or play. You can find the instructions at allyou

7. DIY  Interactive Cat Toy Box

Made from a box and some pipe cleaners this makes a very simple and quick toy for your cat. You will find the instructions at petdiys

8. DIY Simple Cat Play Box

I think the picture is self explanatory here. All you need is a cardboard box taped shut and cut some cat sized holes in several spots so you cat can tunnel in and out. You could add some cat toys to make it even more enticing.

9. DIY Cat Play Portal

Again no instruction but easy to work out. Take several boxes and stack on top of each other. Cut cat size holes in various places and make sure you have interconnecting holes between boxes. tape the boxes together. Add one or more cats. Original picture from themetapicture

10. DIY Cat House or Castle

There are so many options here from the very easy to the complex.

Instructions at hubpages

Instructions at Parents
Instructions at momentstolivefor
Instructions at Martha Stewart

Have fun making toys for your cat from cardboard boxes and remember you can find lots of great cat lover gifts at MustHaveBeenTheCat


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  • Love all the fun cat ideas!

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